The ability to harness the Grace of the Creator in all areas of our lives is how I understand consciousness. How much Grace / Life Force we harness depends on our level of consciousness. As perception changes, our level of consciousness goes up. Our ability to recognize the truth, seize opportunities, learn from mistakes also improve along with health and sense of well-being while our fear of the future diminishes.

Our perception changes as we raise our consciousness. …our view of the world around us, the truth comes into clearer focus, and we recognize that truth in ourselves, others and our environment. We recognize the narrowness of our world view limited by what we thought we knew or learned and never questioned or scrutinized to find the truth.

Once we recognize the truth, our understanding grows to match our new perception and recognition of this truth. Truth about how things work, why people make certain choices, how it affects us and our environment. The truth concerning our own choices and why we made those particular decisions becomes clearer. Once we accurately understand, we can make better choices and sometimes guide others to do the same.

Then acceptance of the truth changes and our understanding evolves. We accept the need to be realistic in our wants and desires, to prioritize more effectively and efficiently because we accept out limitations and accept reality. We accept the mistakes we made in making some of our choices and that those were our own choices and mistakes and not because of someone or something else. We begin to know nature as an integral part of our life.

After we reach acceptance, we reach the level of admittance. We admit to ourselves and others our successes and our mistakes. We feel pride for our successes and we feel shame for our mistakes. We admit to ourselves and others our passion for life and our desire to reach for the truth at every turn. We admit what enlivens our spirit and gives us joy. More energy, more Grace becomes available.

Once we accept who we are, what we want to accomplish, knowing where we come from, we employ the tasks to help us reach our goals. Goals to receive more Grace, to create more joy in our world, to heal, to be productive. Implementation initiates productivity on a higher level.

This Grace, this Life Force demands to be honored, to be used to fuel us in working toward our goals and achievements. The more we produce in terms of setting and reaching our goals, the more Life Force comes in to spur us on. We are enlivened, our consciousness expands more, our productivity increases with improved focus and concentration and knowing – now we are closer to being led by our Spirit if we aren’t already there.

As our productivity increases, so does our market value.

What am I worth on the open market? How much time is spent in delivering goods and/or services that matter rather than goofing off.

Remember, the outcome is what is important, not the journey. More success leads to more responsibility, leads to more success to higher market value.

And now for the really good part!!

Once you hit on your new market value…your perception changes and when you recognize this you start all over again with a higher level of consciousness than the first time around. It is like knitting in the round, each row we knit adds another level and another and another. Our consciousness goes up, our ability to harness Grace goes up, our life improves in every aspect, our character improves, and we heal.

And we get to go around as many times as we prioritize the Divine, truth, caring, sacrifice, and loyalty.

All of this makes consciousness immensely important.

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