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  • Zhanna Romm

  • Nancy is a talented Trivedi Life Force healer. I came to her feeing restless and unclear in the direction that I wanted to take my business. She made me feel at ease the moment we got on the phone. She was kind, professional, and knowledgable. I signed up for the program she recommended and I am so grateful I did. I felt a sense of calm within days that I had not experienced before. I also found myself thinking clearly and sleeping better. I highly recommend Nancy for anyone looking to improve the quality of their lives.

  • Aileen Lee

  • I consulted Nancy regarding some personal items I wanted to work on. Had a lengthy phone consultation with her where she addressed my concerns. There’s a very kind, caring and compassionate demeanor about Nancy that is very much appreciated. From her very first energy transmission, I felt energized and my attitude was cheerful and happy. I highly recommend Nancy to help you with any type of concerns you may have.

  • Carola Sand

  • I just want to tell everyone about the amazing change I had in my life since I began to receive Trivedi Effect Energy Transmissions from Nancy. She is such a warm and caring person and she is very professional. Nowadays my energy level is high, I sleep well and it’s easy to focus on what’s important for me. I’m feeling joy and happiness and a deep inner calmness. That’s why I highly recommend Nancy Holleman.
    Carola S.

  • KC

  • I recently contacted Nancy Holleman to ask about her work. I found her to be a naturally warm-hearted person, and a gracious and caring practitioner. She also has some impressive science to back up what she does. I felt so comfortable talking with her and sharing what I was seeking help with. After that first talk, I signed up for her energy transmissions. A few days later, I experienced an enormous and very positive shift in the exact area of struggle I was facing! On our follow up call, I immediately asked her if we could continue! If you’re serious about making changes in your life, Nancy is a wonderful and gifted healer that I highly recommend!

  • Inthirani

  • After being referred to Nancy Holleman a gifted Life Force Energy Healer. I contacted her and was greeted by a warm, inviting, patient and caring person! She was knowledgeable about the Trivedi Effect and energy work. Her presence overflowed with joy and created a ripple effect while communicating with her as I too felt an ease and joy flow through our conversation and left me with a feeling of lightness. After receiving this energy over a period of a week I have seen an increase in creativity and opportunities that have presented themselves. I highly recommend Nancy if you are looking for growth and wellness in your life!

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