Countries on lock-down, people in panic-mode (fight/flight), buying way more than they need with no thought of their neighbors or the person next to them. That is one perspective: fear. Or:

  • People are opening their windows and taking in fresh air for the first time in who-knows-how-long.
  • Skies that are pristine blue and bright, maybe for the first time since the industrial age began.
  • Quieter waters prevail in the oceans with the absence of noise and other pollution from so many ships.
  • Neighbors are checking on one another, maybe even getting to know each other for the first time.

We have more than one way to handle this. We can act (voluntary action) or re-act (fight or flight).

  • Fear, panic, hoarding
  • Caring, community, sharing
  • Focused on what is going on outside
  • Look inside – yourself, not the house

If you take time to look inside rather than reacting to what you believe you see outside, you may be happily surprised. You may learn something about yourself, your relationships, and how you can change for the better.

You might focus on gratitude to combat the fear of the unknown. You might try humming or singing along with your favorite artists to activate your vagus nerve and calm down your nervous system and consequently move you out of the fight or flight reflex.

Once you relax and no longer engage in fight or flight, you can make choices rather than rely on bad reactions.

“There is not a spirit on this planet that does not believe in God” — Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

We are not in charge.

What if God wanted to remind us, we are not in charge? What better way than to put us in a head-on collision with ourselves?

Be Still.

What better way than to make us face our fears? What better way than to bring everything to a grinding halt!? What better way than to force us into a completely different frame of mind? Oh my goodness, just think of all the new neural-pathways we are forming!

All of a sudden, we are faced with something we haven’t encountered in many of our lifetimes. Fear of the future on a scale – well, I am old enough to remember the duck-and-cover drills in case of an atomic bomb and the realization that I was not invited to our neighbors’ bomb shelter in case the unthinkable happened. So, there was that.

God is not asleep. God is not punishing anyone. However, maybe we needed a reminder, we are not the ones in charge even though we think we are.

Our egos believe it is all us.

It isn’t.

It is all God.

What an opportunity!

Our natural state is a state of happiness. We are born with the enate ability to be in joy in any situation. Pay attention to children. There are children with no toys or TV or computers who are happy.

Remember how you feel when you hear a baby or toddler laugh? It is delightful – it lifts your spirits, and it is contagious. That is because you are in the presence of innocence. That pure laugh that comes from the belly is infectious. Laughing is also a way of surrendering. The more you surrender, the happier you become.

Innocence is the only way to be happy.

“Innocence is the expression of surrender.”— Mahendra Trivedi


For us Americans, that is a hard-hitting word to wrap our heads around. It has been for me anyway. The thing is, it is our heads we need to get out of the way. Thinking isn’t doing. Doing isn’t being. Surrender is a state of being – an expression. When I think of surrender, I think of:

  • running up the white flag
  • giving up
  • losing
  • admission of defeat
  • submission

Each of these words has a negative connotation to me (my ego), and I struggle with it. But surrender is so easy because it is to the God of my understanding. In essence, I am talking about that Authority that created everything, knows everything, is everywhere, can do anything, the Infinite Authority!

Surrender means I am ready to dance in any situation. I maintain the ability to move in any direction at any moment in perfect balance. I fully accept my role as an expression of the Divine (the One with all the answers Who can see the whole picture). I receive whatever comes my way with Grace, without judgment, without complaining.

I bend with the wind, no matter which way it blows.

I flow with the river, no matter how fast or how slow.

I accept.

I surrender into pure, simple infinite freedom.

I fall, knowing I will land exactly where I belong. Colors of Nature Photo

What happens if I surrender to this Authority that is different from surrendering to any earthly authority?

  • No jail.
  • No loss.
  • No humiliation

I reset:

  • back to my original blueprint
  • reconnect to the Creator
  • find humility
  • freedom
  • independence
  • regain the innocence and happiness of a child, but this innocence comes coupled with wisdom

The more we surrender, the more connected we become. The more flow there is to life, the synchronicities pile up, and the more we get. We begin to harvest the riches that come with Grace because we can now reap the opportunities Grace puts before us.

Most of all, we regain our natural state – a state of happiness, our birthright.

Am I there yet? Well, I am happy, and I healed. I am among the lucky ones. I know Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, who has done miracles in my life and who connected me to the God of my understanding. Because of this, I had a head start. I am not afraid – I am happy.


I watch and listen. What I see in this pandemic; the Creator looking at his creation and that creation ignoring the Creator. I perceive that Authority hitting the pause button on a world already in crisis saying, “Be Still and Know that I AM God.”  I’m not angry; I just want you to pay attention. I want you to look out for each other, not plot against one another. I want you to take care of the living jewel I made for you to enjoy and care for, not destroy.

Each of you carries a spark of Me. Pay attention to it! Take this time I have given you and look inside to find that spark. Know that I AM here, and I have not forgotten you. I have a plan. It is all taken care of if you just listen!

While we stop our busyness, Nature is resetting too. All the answers you seek to your questions are in Nature!

The evidence is out there, around the world.

Check it out.

Enjoy the fresh air.

Help one another.

Find ways to help the earth continue to heal. I’m giving you hints all the time.

Pay attention to your intuition.

Find your inner guide – that would be your Spirit, the God Spark.

My Belief

If we take this opportunity to look within and grow, there will be realizations we can’t ignore. Our world will never be the same again. This opportunity set before us: to make our world a better one or a worse one. It depends on our choices to act or to re-act to this pause in our busyness. Since God hit the ‘pause button,’ the earth is healing. Evidence is everywhere. Just look around.

One choice – take advantage of the fresh air and water, finding ways to keep it that way. Or overreact with no trust in Divine Wisdom and undo all the good that has come from it.

The virus is not good nor evil. It just is what it is, doing what it does. Our perception says it is evil. That doesn’t make it accurate; it makes it our perception. Let go of old beliefs. At the very least, look at your beliefs and see the outcomes they provide. Ask questions?

What outcomes did the beliefs provide?

Were they useful?

Were they not useful?

Are you happy?

This is my truth right now. And yes, as I grow, my perspective changes. There are no ties to any institutional religion. I write this with incredible respect for the God of my understanding and the God of your understanding.

“Prayer is the Love Affair Between the Creator and Creation (you). – Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

If you would like to know more or want help understanding anything presented here, please contact me, Nancy Holleman, through

Find your calm.

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