It’s Spring and it is Special Prayers, a time when the most wonderful change can happen!

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year! Our environment wakes up after a long sleep with the exploding with every color. New leaves push out of their buds bright and tender. Green begins to overtake the browns and greys of winter. New life steps up to replenish the landscape, the animals give birth, and our souls are nourished.

On this particular spring night, I didn’t know what I would write about. A friend helped out by saying, just think about how lucky you are. Lucky. Blessed. Grateful. The most wonderful thing happened. I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to write about tonight. I needed a break from opioids and needed to get back to gratitude.


Special Prayers occur more than once a year and with each time I experience change. I could only guess what happened, but recently in a one-day workshop, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi explained the process and the outcome.

In my own experience, the first time I experienced a big change, was in 2014. Before the fall Special Prayers, I was angry and depressed and taking 90mg of morphine a day. This was the first time I clearly heard my spirit give me a few instructions.

  •  Begin to lower my dose of pain medication
  • Remember gratitude

It wasn’t long before I realized I was no longer angry. It seemed to me to be like magic because I didn’t do anything to make it stop. The anger seemed to evaporate. Then the depression faded.
What’s up with that? How is it possible for it to disappear like that?

The Reboot
It isn’t magic, even though it seems that way on the receiving end. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi explained Special Prayers as a time when the sub-conscious brain can be rebooted. The slate wiped clean and new programming installed. Who knew?!

For me, that is like magic. It doesn’t come work-free on our part.
We have our responsibilities:

  • Self-assessment
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Purity
  • Caring
  • Innocence
  • And I am adding listening – going into that quiet space at least once a day and finding the silence, the spaces between the words

I find that space between the words more easily each time. I wonder if it is like learning other things, growing new neuropathways to silence rather than activity. God lives in the spaces between, in the silence. That is where our spirits are nurtured and how we grow.

Since that time in 2014, I hear my spirit more often. Now no, I do not hear it speak to me. I don’t hear voices. It is more like words form in my consciousness with authority. It is wonderful.

The Edge

I work to raise my consciousness so I can live a better fuller life. I lived life so very far from the Edge, hiding behind anything available. Most of the time I couldn’t even see the Edge. It is so boring back there!

Since the changes in 2014, I am moving closer to the Edge, standing as close to it or on it. No more living in a cacoon or cage. This girl is transforming no matter what.

I am putting myself out there, pain-free, meds free, and full of gratitude. I am loving my life, my body, and Nature with all my heart. I can’t wait to see what comes up next!

How is your spring going?

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