About Nancy Holleman

Nancy searched for a stronger connection to the Creator from a young age. She was lucky to have teachers and mentors enter her life introducing her to the Divine, higher consciousness, alternative healing methods, and other perspectives concerning reality. Each of these combined with a myriad of books on the subject of higher consciousness, nature, healing, and spirituality only took her so far still leaving huge gaps in the truth she sought and the foundation of her natural born gifts. She met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in 2010, and finally realized that Guruji is the only person on the planet having the ability to connect another person and to strengthen that connection to the Divine. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi revolutionized her life. Having had her own connection strengthened, she is able to really make a difference, to have a positive impact on the environment and the people, animals, and plants and earth within it.
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