Nancy searched for a stronger connection with the Creator from a young age. She was lucky to have teachers and mentors enter her life and introducing her to the Divine, higher consciousness, alternative healing methods, and perspectives concerning reality. Now, having had her own connection strengthened, she is able to make a positive difference and greatly impact the environment, people, animals and plants for overall growth and well-being.

She found teachers like Virginia Samdahl for her Reiki I and II initiations, Mike Booth, and Richard Moss for higher consciousness. Nancy also became an ordained minister with Universal Life Church in 1991. Each of these combined with a myriad of books on the subject of higher consciousness, nature, healing, and spirituality only took her so far still leaving huge gaps in the truth she sought and the foundation of her natural born gifts.

From the very first time, Nancy heard that each one of us have a purpose and gift, she began searching for her gifts, purpose and things most people in the world want to know and understand. Of course, she was looking outside herself for the answers and that got her nowhere. She worked with others whose consciousness was higher than hers and got glimpses of what it might be like to have access to that herself.

She settled in California, working with others to assist in their own growth through color therapy, Reiki, and other healing modalities. Simultaneously she was also working at a large corporation as she was worried for the future and a secure job helped her pay the bills. She didn’t trust the Divine enough to go full time into healing where her gift was seated. Working at that corporation brought her great pain and she was regularly and heavily medicated with 90 mg of morphine a day, which on most days was sadly not enough. She took that morphine for 11 years before she began to lower the dosage and wean herself off.

Later in 2010, Nancy found her miracle, something she never stopped looking for because she knew it was out there. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. A rare man with the gift of the strongest connection to the Divine she had ever seen and the ability to boost that same connection within others. Nancy was blessed to meet him in person for a blessing and, well, she knew before she met him he was what and who she had been looking for all her life. Before she met Guruji, Mahendra Trivedi in 2010, she only had a few glimpses of the truth. With his shared knowledge of the truth, she got the courage to reduce the morphine and eventually stop it altogether beginning in 2014.

And along with it, all the other medications she was taking over the years for pain, depression, side effects of the morphine were gone too! All of her anger towards herself and the resentment she felt towards life just dissolved into thin air being replaced with a strong connection with the Divine.

“Now that I am healed, not needing to spend my days in pain management, I have re-focused my life toward my future. With a much stronger connection to my Divine, improved ability to concentrate, and knowing my gift is healing, I am able to connect the land, people, animals, and plants to the life force found in nature that nurtures each of us in the form of a blessing. With this connection, there can be improvement in physical and emotional health. This can provide an improved overall sense of well-being and better problem solving.”

Nancy’s potent Life Force Energy Transmissions can deeply affect your mental and physical health, amplify your spiritual growth and cause a phenomenal transformation to reach your utmost potential. She is passionate about making Life Force Energy healing available to everyone so they too can enjoy abundance in all areas of life.

Nancy aims to live with a focus of helping others and the environment in order to move toward the best outcomes. Ensuring the goals remain realistic and grounded and keep us on our right path as we move closer to the Divine, the God of your understanding.