If you already have trouble with concentration and remembering what you need to do, a holiday like Thanksgiving can easily add to these problems.

I used to experience my thoughts were constantly scattered -- I would spend 5 minutes looking for my keys...easily 5 minutes.  A holiday, any holiday, between October and New Year’s, only made it worse.  What did I do to alleviate that problem?

I got a little key holder, put it on the wall behind the door and put the keys on it as I walk in and pick them up as I walk out.  Now the keys are in my muscle memory, so I don’t even think about them.

From the beginning of November, we start thinking about gifts and Christmas. We don’t even take the time to enjoy our families and friends, much less feel gratitude for all the wonderful things we enjoyed throughout the year.  We have already moved on to Christmas right after Halloween. (I say after, but for some, it begins even before Halloween).

First, let’s take the time to be truly thankful, show gratitude, actually feel gratitude, then find a way to express by paying it forward.  Even if we had a bad year or something, we feel was awful happened to us, we are still here, the sun still rises and sets every day followed by the moon and more stars than we can count.  Consider what you learned from the experience.

We can find something to create a feeling of gratitude in our lives.

Gratitude changes everything!

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If you have trouble focusing and remembering everything that needs to be done, don’t panic!  Remember these are just ways to manage a problem, not a fix.  The only true solution to this is The Trivedi Effect​®.  I'll go into this more in-depth in a minute.

  • First, make a list
    • Groceries needed if you are cooking for how many?
      • Check the recipes
      • Be sure you have what you need
      • Get RSVPs so you have enough and not too much
      • Go shopping
    • Organize your gift-giving – take advantage of those who are around you at Thanksgiving for ideas
      • List the names of each person you want to shop or craft
      • Pare it down, if you need to, keeping in mind time and budget
      • Think about drawing names rather than buying gifts for everyone
      • See who might enjoy the same type of gift – you can buy multiples
      • Ask for help
    • Delegate
    • Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Remember to Breathe

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Thanksgiving is a fun time, a grateful time, not an anxious, scattered time.

Stay confident, do not let you drag yourself down into the doldrums with negative thoughts.  Lacking confidence adds fuel to all those pesky unrelated thoughts indicating a restless mind creeps in before you realize it.

Other ideas to consider?

  • Eat well (Healthy)
  • Get some exercise, even walking in the mall will do if you walk quickly
  • Sleep well knowing you completed several tasks on your list
  • Breathe and be calm

Now, the most important thing you can do, as I said before, introduce your spirit to The Trivedi Effect​®

The Trivedi Effect​® provides immense benefits for people with various psychological and mental disorders, including a restless mind.  If you have trouble concentrating, focusing, or experience relentless mind-chatter, The Trivedi Effect​® can be a tremendous help in relieving all of these.

My focus improved by 100%.  My sleep improved.  I am healthy again.  Now, this is saying a lot because just 4 years ago I took 90mg of morphine every day for pain.  Now, if needed, I take over-the-counter pills.  No addiction, no pain, living life again. A Miracle.  All because I found Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Effect​®.

By the way, I didn’t think of that key holder for my keys until after I began experiencing The Trivedi Effect​®.

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